Porticus Project

Porticus project seeks to address challenges faced by persons with disabilities in Makoni District of Manicaland province of Zimbabwe. Persons with disabilities continue to be an extremely marginalized group in society and they face a myriad challenges.  It is estimated that about 900 000 individuals out of total population 13 million people in Zimbabwe have some form of disability, (UNICEF 2015). There are many myths, beliefs, negative perception, fear and prejudice associated with persons with disabilities that lead to their total exclusion from social activities. The thrust is to empower disable people through: 1, awareness campaigns on disability, 2. Promote access to education and health services, 3. Encourage full participation in societal activities within communities, 4. Provide employment opportunities like income generating projects.  Employment creation will improve the disabled people’s living conditions since they will be able to work for themselves.

Trocaire IR and SIDA

Through support from Trocaire, DOMCCP has been implementing health, rights advocacy and economic strengthening interventions in Manicaland since 2012. The interventions have reached over 6000 men and women directly and over 3000 indirectly. Since then, the organisation has undertaken interventions such as establishment and strengthening of community advocacy teams, promotion of health decision making among PLHIV, wealth creating for marginalised groups, PLHIV treatment literacy and improving access to HIV diagnostic services (e.g. CD4 and viral load measurements). Trocaire IR and Trocaire SIDA commenced in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Trocaire IR is being implemented in Mutasa District and Trocaire SIDA is being implemented in Mutare District with both projects using the SASA! Faith methodology.

CWEEP Project

Chipinge Women Economic Empowerment Programme (CWEEP) is being implemented in 4 wards of Chipinge with the main thrust being to empower women and young girls economically. Dependence is arguably one of the lead factors towards the victimisation of women by men. The project therefore, targets women as key beneficiaries in a bid to empower them with business knowledge, skills and support so that they become financially independent.

Local Rights Projects

We believe in equal opportunities for everyone. Women's participation, inclusion and recognition in all sectors of life is the first step towards building a better society.


     Co2 Balance

Safe water supply for all...

It was established in 2003 as a specialist carbon project developer. Currently CO2 Balance is implementing in 140 micro-scale projects in sub-Saharan Africa. A safe water supply reduces the amount of household wood use and has several co-benefits, contributing to a number of SDGs including:

•Access to safe water reduces exposure to waterborne disease [SDG 3]

•The CO2 emissions associated with burning biomass will be reduced from the decrease in fuel use [SDG 13]


DOMCCP is implementing the same project in Manicaland Zimbabwe. 

Culture       ACTIONS

When art  changes everything...

The Culture Fund was established and registered as a Trust in 2006 to contribute to the growth and development of the culture sector in Zimbabwe through provision of financial and technical support to cultural practitioners, institutions and activities. DOMCCP is among the selected institutions implementing Culture Fund activities. DOMCCP is doing its activities in Manicaland Province covering Chipinge and Chimanimani areas. The project aims to interrogate, package and disseminate socio-cultural beliefs leading to SGBV and child marriages whilst promoting communities resilience and awareness in climate change and environmental sustainability.

Diocese of Mutare Community Care Programme 

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