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Diocese of Mutare Community Care Programme (DOMCCP) is a registered1 Christian, relief and development organization that has been operating in Manicaland Province of Zimbabwe since 1992. Though the organization was established within the social services mandate of the Catholic Church in Mutare Diocese, DOMCCP provides services on non-denominational basis. Since 1992 DOMCCP has been operating in Nyanga, Mutasa, Makoni, Mutare and Chipinge districts. 

The organization was established during a period when the impact and prevalence of HIV & AIDS was rapidly escalating. There was great need for an intensive response to the pandemic then. DOMCCP therefore worked to build the capacity of communities and families affected by the pandemic to mitigate the impact and cope with the effects of the disease. Today, with the advent of anti-retroviral medicines and the evolution of the pandemic from a mere medical to a socio-economic problem, DOMCCP has extended its work to supporting a wide range of facets that affect the lives of people, but within the context of HIV & AIDS. 

To date, DOMCCP projects have reached over 42 000 and over 100 000 OVC through various interventions. The success of DOMCCP’s projects over the years is attributed to a well constituted organization directed by a governance board and an effective staff structure. 

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Diocese of Mutare Community Care Programme 

St. Joseph’s Mission 

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Tel: 263(20)67680 

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